“Floss der Unnötigen” for Stephan Eicher

What do musicians do when they can’t play concerts? They ✨Improvise✨
We got to make this really cool video for Stephan Eicher as half intro to their experimental tour concept, half lyrical musings on the musicians dilemma in our current times.

Director/Animation: Sarah Rothenberger, Estelle Gattlen and Hannes Oehen
Voice: Stephan: Eicher
Sounddesign: Simon Baumann

Löwenzahn Footprint

What is a CO2 footprint? How can we reduce it? 
Answering these questions and explaining an abstract concept such as ecological impact was a great challenge thrown to us by the German educative television show Löwenzahn. In a 2 minutes long animated sequence, we explain to children how our everyday actions impact the world around us.

Director/Design/Animation: Estelle Gattlen
Compositing/Animation: Hannes Oehen
Additional Animation: Sarah Rothenberger

Space Chase

On a weekend Animation Jam we created this GIF. It was animated in 2D and then transferred to this 3D look.

Animation Blob: Sarah Rothenberger
Animation Warrior: Hannes Oehen
Render / Background: Fabian Schaeublin
2D-3D Technic: Simon Ott


Midi is an illustration for the ephemeral exhibition « ArtisteDici » in Sion realized by Estelle Gattlen.

In collaboration with the artistic and cultural center « Ferme Asile », the city of Sion gave carte blanche to 40 artists by inviting them to take over the billboards left empty because of the pandemic.

In this complicated times, she wanted to do something colorful, joyful and warm. When passing by, Estelle wants people to remember some good summer times and forget, just for a minute, about their grayish daily life filled with corona.

Animal Letters

This is a series of 26 illustrations by Hannes Oehen. He was mixing the letters of the alphabet with an animal whose name starts with the corresponding letter. The goal was, to create an animal from the letter shape and still leave the letter recognizable. That way it can be used as a learning help for small children memorizing the alphabet and also work as a guessing game. They were later printed as postcard set.

quando quando quando

An animation by Sarah Rothenberger, used as an animation and style exercise to the tune of Tony Renis’ song.

Inspired by Italian 60’s music and American jazz album covers.  Animated in TVPaint, composited in After Effects. The idea was to play around with lip-syncing to music, and try out a print-like style.


A 3D interpretation based on an illustration by Iker Ayestaran.

Original Illustration Iker Ayestaran
3D Model Simon Ott

Cat & Girl

An exercise by Fabian Schaeublin, he wanted to take his simple drawings and turn them into 3D renders. The girls color scheme was prepared by Hannes Oehen.